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Center for Hope and Healing

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Our funding:

The Center for Hope and Healing has run 100% on donations and volunteers since our founding in January 2012 as a free medical clinic and through our expansion to a free dental clinic in 2017. This generous sharing of the time, treasure, and talent of our benefactors is essential. Without them we cannot offer our visitors the spiritual, emotional, and physical aid they seek. With them, we can be a bridge to wellness and well being.

We respect our supporters by using their resources wisely, and we respect our clients by honoring their individual dignity, one on one, just as God made each of them. 
Because of our commitment to uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church without exception, we do not accept government funding and its restrictions. We choose instead to support the life and the dignity of every human person, born and unborn, regardless of age, sex, race, or religious affiliation. 

Our Work

We had our 5th birthday! The Center for Hope and Healing is the only free medical clinic in Northern Kentucky for uninsured individuals who are not homeless, and March 24, 2017, is the launch date for the only free dental clinic in the region.


 Since opening the medical clinic on January 24, 2012, we have called it “God’s Clinic” because He provides everything we need. For example, the night before opening our Women's Wellness room, the examination table and equipment were all in place, but the clinic director suddenly realized, "Oh, no! We have no gowns for women to wear! How can we start without them?" She locked up and went home — and the next day a box filled with exam gowns was sitting next to her desk. (To this day no one knows where they came from.)


The Friday dental clinic launches with three fully equipped and licensed operatories, three months of supplies on hand, and three volunteer dental teams lined up to rotate through, serving 20 patients each clinic day. All this was accomplished through the astonishing generosity of donors large and small, who contributed funds, new and used equipment, supplies, labor, and materials to meet this urgent need.


We look forward to seeing many new smiles! 



Center for H&H Numbers for 2016

1,854 Health Ministry Visits
482 Individuals
239 new clients

Medical Clinic

710 Visits
209 Individuals
102 new clients
795 Prescriptions paid
393 Laboratory tests
65 Hemoglobin A1C tests
61 boxes of diabetic strips
22 diabetes meters
25 EKGs
5 Ultrasounds
145 bus passes given for other medical appointments

Tobacco Cessation Program

Many people desire to quit using tobacco products but lack motivation and support. Among the clients of our medical clinic, 56% use tobacco at great cost to their health, risk of early death, for pregnant women risk of low birth weight for their babies.


We provide counseling, education, and nicotine replacement patches. One man achieved 100% class attendance. Please pray with us that he maintains his new, healthier lifestyle.


Other Programs

The volunteer staff and professionals of the health ministry, medical clinic, and dental clinic offer a broad range of services beyond diagnostic screening and assistance: counseling, food, clothing, baby care needs, parenting classes, drug and alcohol dependency counseling, professional therapy, and spiritual loving care.

Center for Hope and Healing Tobacco Cessation Class

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