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The Friends of the Rose Garden Mission are dedicated to the right to life from conception until natural death for all people and to improving the quality of life of the less fortunate in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area, showing the love of Jesus while providing a haven of hope and free non-judgmental assistance by supporting the apostolic works of the Franciscan Daughters of Mary and maintaining the property that houses the Rose Garden Home Mission and the Center for Hope and Healing.


We are very grateful to the “Friends,” who have a passion for the work Jesus is doing through us at the Rose Garden Home Mission. In our Rule of Life for the Franciscan Daughters of Mary, the sisters are permitted to own nothing in order that we may be totally free to rely completely on God’s providence to provide for all of our needs. And so, when the prospect of moving into our present location became a reality, the “Friends” took it as their mission to purchase the property for our use. They have enabled us to have a more permanent place to continue helping moms, babies and our needy neighbors for years to come ,as well as to actualize a long awaited dream of opening up a free medical clinic for the uninsured poor.

Thank you for your kindness as you consider assisting the Friends of the Rose Garden Mission in this auspicious endeavor.
You are always in our prayers.

In the heart of Jesus and Mary,
Mother Seraphina Marie, fdm


Dear Friends,

May God’s blessings be with and your loved ones. As the Christmas Season approaches, The Friends of the Rose Garden would like to take a moment to thank all of you for your tremendous support over this past year. Because of your generous financial support, more than $325,000 has been donated toward our mortgage in only 3 years!
And the Mission has been the beneficiary of so many of your gifts-in-kind: you have helped us to repair a section of the building that had extensive fire damage, repair and replace a floor that had damage from termites, make our clinic handicapped accessible, replace our aging roof, repair damage to the facade of the clinic, replace the Mission’s air conditioning compressor, build 2 handicapped ramps, paint inside and out and so much more!!
Whether through financial assistance, volunteering at the Mission, attending our Annual Dinner or our First Annual Golf Outing in September, your commitment is greatly appreciated and so necessary.
Winter is approaching, and the needs of underprivileged Moms and families in the Northern Kentucky & Greater Cincinnati areas also increase. The cold brings with it more illness, flu, and other expenses. Without the help of the Sisters, many would go without necessary baby items, would go hungry and be without adequate healthcare. We ask you to please renew your pledges and your donations to the Friends of the Rose Garden so the Mission may remain a sanctuary which gives hope and love to all those who enter.
On behalf of all of the Friends of the Rose Garden, thank you again for your support and prayers. May God bless your Thanksgiving and Christmas Season this year.

Give and it shall be given to you;

a good measure, packed together,

shaken down, and overflowing,

will be poured into your lap.

For the measure with which you measure

will in return

be measured out to you.

~ Luke 6:38